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Bore Water Pumping
The Perfect Bore Water Rising Main

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    Flexibore – The Perfect Bore Water Pumping Solution

    Tapping into your aquifer water source is made easy with Flexibore. The hose makes water bore pumping highly effective and efficient with the benefit of fast installation. Manufactured by Crusader Hose, the Flexibore hose offers easy handling and a less labour intensive way of ground water pumping. The hose is designed for ease of use and strength for the most demanding jobs.

    Bore Pumps

    Simple Installation

    The simplicity of design and installation makes the Flexibore the best option for water bore pumping. Unwinding the hose from a wheel, coupling the hose to the pump then lowering into the bore hole will have your pumping operational in no time. There is no time consuming rigid pipe work which can easily decay, or become encrusted causing insufficient water flow over time. Simply use the continuous hose and quality couplings for direct fitting onto your pump.

    Bore Hose

    Quick Fit Connections

    Flexibore has the easiest installation using the patented stainless steel couplings for fast fitting and secure use. The patented couplings are precision designed for fitting effortlessly, making a secure and superior seal for all your bore water pumping tasks. Using stainless steel also ensures resistance to corrosion and microbiological bacteria.

    Flexibore Quality Hose

    Made from tough thermoplastic polyurethane woven into heavy duty textile, the Flexibore hose offers highly flexible use while giving exceptional strength for lowering a pump’s weight without additional safety cables. The quality of the design ensures high performance with constant use in Australia’s harsh environments and comes with Crusader’s 5 year quality warranty. All hoses and couplings are hydrostatically tested and comply with potable water standards AS4020.

    Moving from Rigid Pipes is Easy

    Well Hose

    The Flexibore couplings are compatible with a wide range of pumps across the water pumping industry; making moving from rigid pipes to Flexibore even easier and affordable. The hoses are available in sizes ranging from 20mm to 200mm with continuous hose depths of up to 250 metres.

    Benefits of Using Flexibore

    Flexibore offers superior benefits over using traditional methods of bore water pumping. By using hoses you avoid rust and internal scaling leading to inconsistent water flow found with some rigid pipes and couplings. The hose is also ideal for compact storage and is lightweight in comparison with some rigid pipes, making Flexibore a leading solution for a wide range of ground water pumping applications permanently or on the move.

    No matter what your domestic or business water needs are as a producer or a supplier, you can always contact Crusader Hose for layflat hose, bore hose, well hose, boreline, rising main services etc.


    The perfect bore water rising main

    As most people know lay flat hoses are used for pumping water about, but this is not the only use of these hoses and pumps, they can also be used for bore water pumping. According to your requirements, we can install either a borehose a well hose or a rising main. Where there is need of water to be supplied to farming areas or vertically upwards, or to lower the water table in a mine, a rising main may be the right choice for increased efficiency.

    Well hose or boreline is usually required where there is lack of water or the water level needs to drop. Once a borehole has been drilled deep underground, which is usually cased to a calculated diameter to fit in bore pumps or borehose, the rising mains are then fitted in the form of:

    • PVC Pipelines
    • Steel Pipelines
    • Flexible Rising main or Bore Hose (Potable) made of thermoplastic polyurethane & polyester fabric – Recommended

    A common product used in many industries is Flexibore. Flexibore is an industry standard flexible rising main with 250m length options and hence many ground water resources are able to be drawn down using this easy to install riser pipe. Flexibore is Australian made rising main is setup and connected to the pump with stainless steel couplings providing a strong fix that can handle enormous water pressures.

    At Crusader Hose, we can help pump water from deep depths with our high quality products and services as well as expert techniques. For more information, visit www.flexibore.com.au.

    Trust Flexibore® by Crusader Hose. Ask for it by name.

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