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Flexibore® Installation & Retrieval

Flexibore®, our unique flexible riser, can be installed in one of three ways depending on the bore depth, access space and pump weight.

Once the assisting and safety equipment is at hand, Flexibore® can be easily installed when the step-by-step instructions are followed.

STEP ONE: Roll out the coil of hose and secure the electrical power cable to it. Position the pump alongside the hose and connect the flexible pipe coupling and riser.

STEP TWO: Fit the first lifting clamp above the coupling and raise the pump into position above the borehole. Lower the first lifting clamp until it supports the pump on the bore casing. Optional, the cable can also be attached to the flexible riser during this step. Remember to leave extra cable slack to cover riser elongation under maximum load. The electrical cable must be securely attached at strapping points.

STEP THREE: Secure the flexible riser with the second lifting clamp and use the crane to lift the hose, taking the weight off the first lifting clamp. Undo the first lifting clamp and lower the pump. Repeat this process until the end of the hose is reached.

FINAL STEP: Fit the final bore head assembly to the end of the Flexibore® for installation completion.

Note: Our unique flexible hose can also be installed using a roller, depending on the space.

Flexibore® lifting clamps

Lifting clamps are a necessary accessory for every job for you to install your pump safely. Crane-assisted installations are the most common for larger projects and require 2x single sets of lifting clamps. Crusader Hose offers a variety of lifting clamps for your bore hose installation project.

Flexible Pipe Retrieval

Flexibore® flexible pipe can be removed as efficiently as it is installed. For fast, effective Flexibore® retrieval simply reverse the installation procedure.

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