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Features, Advantages &
Technical Data

Construction of Riser

Flexibore® is specially designed for bore water retrieval. The flexible riser is a layflat hose constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high-tenacity polyester. The heavy-duty internal fabric gives the hose flexibility as well as strength, enabling it to sustain the weight of a submersible pump. Crusader Hose designed and manufactured the flexible riser to replace metal rigid riser pipes which are subject to rust and encrustation.

Flexibore® Features

Flexibore® possesses many features that make it an ideal solution for all your bore water projects. As a layflat product, Flexibore® is easily transportable and can be installed at a much faster pace requiring less trucks and manpower compared to rigid systems. The materials used in its manufacturing makes it resistant to mineral build-up as well as giving it strength. Flexibore® comes in a variety of diameters and continuous lengths complete with matching stainless-steel couplings in 304 or 316 grade. Duplex 2205 or Super Duplex 2507 available to order.

  • Simple hose installation and retrieval
  • Lightweight (e.g.

    of Flexibore®


    diameter weighs only

    220 kg)
  • Secure and easy-to-fit couplings
  • Simple power cable attachment
  • High resistance to iron bacteria build-up
  • Continuous length, no joins

Flexibore® Advantages

Flexibore® offers many advantages for bore water retrieval and is superior to the rigid pipe alternative. This flexible pipe is a proven alternative to both steel and polypipe and is manufactured for total reliability.

Flexibore® is unrivalled in quality and is only manufactured by Crusader Hose.

Simple hose installation and retrieval due to its flexible nature

Requires less equipment and manpower for transport, installation & retrieval

High resistance to iron bacteria build-up therefore reducing pumping costs

Secure and easy-to-fit coupling for high pressure

Simple power cable attachment

No need for safety cable due to the high tensile strength

Flexibore® has a number of specifications designed for simplified bore water pumping. Our exclusive flexible riser will suit many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps. Flexibore® has excellent tensile strength to sustain the weight of the pump as well as the column of water. The size ranges from 32 mm to 250 mm internal diameter and depths up to 300 metres.

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