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Flexibore® – The Perfect Solution
If it's a bore, THINK FLEXIBORE®

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Making Your Job Easy

Tapping into your aquifer water source is made easy with Flexibore®. The unique layflat hose makes water bore pumping highly efficient with the benefit of fast installation, great flow rates and easy retrieval. Flexibore® offers easy handling and a less labour-intensive way of ground water pumping than when using rigid pipe systems. The hose is designed for ease-of-use and strength for the most demanding jobs.

Simplified Installation

The simplicity of design and installation makes Flexibore® the best option for bore water pumping. Unwinding the hose from a wheel, coupling the hose to the pump then lowering into the borehole will have your bore pump operational in no time. There is no time-consuming rigid pipe work, which can easily decay in saline bore water or become encrusted internally resulting in higher pumping costs. Simply connect the continuous hose to the quality couplings for direct fitting onto your pump.

Moving From Rigid Pipes is Easy

The Flexibore® couplings are compatible with a wide range of pumps making replacement from rigid pipes to Flexibore® easy and affordable. The hose is available in sizes ranging from32mmto250mmwith continuous hose depths of up to300m.

Benefits of Using Flexibore®

Flexibore® offers superior benefits over traditional methods of bore water pumping such as polypipe. By using this flexible rising main, you avoid rust and internal scaling leading to improved water flow compared with rigid pipes. Flexibore® is designed for compact storage and ease in transportation; it is also lightweight in comparison with some rigid pipes.

Quick Fit Connections

Flexibore® has the easiest installation process by using the patented stainless-steel couplings for fast fitting and secure use. The couplings are precision-designed for easy fitting, making a secure and tight seal for high-pressure bore water pumping tasks.

Flexibore® Quality Hose

Made from tough thermoplastic polyurethane woven into heavy duty textile, the Flexibore® hose offers flexible use while giving exceptional strength for suspending a pump’s weight without any safety cable. The tenacity of the design ensures high performance even with constant use in Australia’s harsh environment. Flexibore® 100 comes with Crusader’s 12-month warranty and a 5-year pro-rata warranty covers the 250, 300 & 400 series. All hose and couplings are hydrostatically tested and comply with potable water standards AS4020.

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Crusader Hose is
thinking GREEN!

  • With its long life, there’s
    less replacement waste.
  • With its compact nature, there’s less
    pollution caused by transport vehicles.
  • With its resistance to mineral build-up,
    there’s less pumping power consumption.

All these features make Flexibore® a leading solution in its superior cost-savings.