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Securing the Power Cable

Loop System

A contrasting-coloured strip along the length of Flexibore® is used for securing the power cable. The strip is raised off the hose at one metre intervals. This raised-off section is referred to as a loop. The power cable is snaked along the length of the hose and then secured at these loops by one of two ways: Flexibore® PU straps or heavy-duty electrical cable ties.

Flexibore® PU Straps

Crusader Hose manufactures polyurethane straps with cam-locking nylon buckles. The specially-engineered straps are attached via loops along the length of the flexible pipe. The loops exist at one-meter intervals along the hose and provide simple attachment points for the straps. The Flexibore® PU straps wrap around the flexible riser securing the electric cable and firmly fastening it to the hose.

Flexibore® PU straps are preferred to cable ties for the larger diameter Flexibore®. The specially-manufactured straps carry a larger load and are better with thick power cables. In the rare occasion of accidental strap breakage, damage to the pump is prevented by the strap not having any steel parts.

IMPORTANT – When securing the power cable Crusader Hose recommends –

Minimum 2% allowance for extension and swell characteristics of the hose

Snake the power cable along the length of the flexible riser before securing it

The extra slack compensates for the elongation of the hose due to the weight of the pump

Heavy-Duty Electrical Cable Ties

Heavy-duty cable ties are an alternative to Flexibore® PU straps. The heavy-duty cable ties connect the cable directly to the contrast-coloured strip. Heavy duty cables must be doubled for each loop along the length of the flexible hose for extra security. Two cable ties are used at every loop.

To attach the ties, pull them up tightly and ensure that the power cable cannot slide through. Extra power cable slack should be added to compensate for the extension in the hose.

This cable tie securing device is suggested when the power cable is not excessively thick and is generally used for smaller diameter Flexibore®.

For the warranty to be valid, it is essential that only approved polypropylene cable ties are attached. These can be purchased separately.

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