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Hose Couplings & Clamps

For Flexibore® to function as designed,

it must be fitted with precision-engineered couplings.

Flexibore® couplings are high-quality fittings

Engineered to lock the hose immovably to the tailpiece

Specialised fittings consist of a double-rib tailpiece with 2 x 3-part clamps

Constructed from either 304, 316 and SAF2205 stainless steel

Flexible riser coupling threads are standard BSP male tapered; other types and sizes such as NPT are also available on request. Flexible pipe threads are designed to correspond to hose size and will differ depending on the hose installed. Crusader Hose can also devise standard adaptors and alternative configurations to attach to any pump outlet.

Crusader Hose precision-engineered fittings:

Available in:

32 mm,
40 mm,
50 mm,
76 mm,
102 mm,
125 mm,
152 mm,
200 mm


250 mm


Only in 304 stainless steel with 1 x 3-part clamp. Available in

32 mm


50 mm


Can be machined into the bottom of the flexible pipe couplings and used as a mechanism to permit water to escape from the riser during withdrawal of the hose from the borehole. Break-off plugs are available in brass and in SAF2205 materials.

For more information on hose clamps, contact Crusader Hose on (03) 9720 1100 or submit an online enquiry form.