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Flexible Pipe Coupling
The Perfect Bore Water Rising Main

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    Flexibore Coupling

    For Flexibore to function accordingly, flexible pipe coupling must be precision engineered. Flexible pipe couplings are high quality fittings, engineered to lock the hose immovably to the tailpiece. These specialised fittings consist of a double rib tailpiece with 2 x 3 part clamps and are constructed from either 316 or 304 stainless steel as well as high tensile or zinc free bronze polymer.
    Flexible riser coupling threads are standard B.S.P. male tapered; other types and sizes such as NPT are also available on request. Flexible pipe threads are designed to correspond to hose size and will differ depending on the hose installed. Crusader Hose can also devise standard adaptors and alternative configurations to meet any requirement.
    Crusader Hose precision engineer:

    • Stainless steel couplings- available in 25mm; 40mm; 50mm; 76mm; 102mm;125mm;152mm; 200mm diameter
    • High Tensile Polymer Couplings- available in 25mm;40mm; 50mm diameter
    • Break off plugs- can be machined into the bottom of the flexible pipe couplings and used as a mechanism to permit water to escape from the riser during withdrawal of the hose from the borehole.

    Flexibore Straps

    Crusader’s flexible riser has two types of cable straps used when operating. These are:

    • Polyurethane straps with cam-locking nylon buckles.
    • Heavy duty electrical cable ties

    The specially engineered straps can be attached via loops along the length of the flexible pipe. The loops exist at 1 meter intervals along the hose and provide simple attachment for cables. No steel parts are used and this prevents damage to the pump in case of accidental strap breakage.The strap should wrap around the flexible riser and the electric cable securely and should be firmly fastened to the hose.The heavy duty cable ties connect the cable directly to the strip. Two cable ties are used at each loop and this method is used when the power cable is not excessively thick.

    For more information on flexible pipe couplings and straps call Crusader Hose on (03) 9720 1100 today!

    Why Choose Flexibore?

    Flexibore is suitable for a variety of ground water pumping applications and is simple to install and retrieve. Crusader Hose is the exclusive manufacturer of the flexible pipe that provides:

    • Good Flow Rates
    • No Corrosion
    • No Clogging from Iron Bacteria
    • 5 Year Pro-rata Warranty
    • Easy Handling, Storage & Transport
    • Continuous Length cut to your requirements
    To learn how our flexible pipe can simplify your ground water pumping, call Crusader Hose on (03) 9720 1100 or submit an online enquiry form.

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