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Power Cable Attachment
The Perfect Bore Water Rising Main

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    Polyurethane Strap Attachment

    The flexible pipe can be attached to power by securing the polyurethane straps through the hose loops. Flexibore loops are implemented at 1 meter intervals to allow secure power attachment. The polyurethane strap should wrap around the power cable securely.
    Crusader Hose recommends a minimum 2% allowance for extension and swell characteristics of the hose. The extra slack in the power cable attachment compensates for the stretch of the hose due to the weight of the pump.
    Generally, the extension will not exceed 2% but is important to secure the power cable attachment correctly to the flexible riser. To learn more about polyurethane strap attachment ask the Flexibore specialists, ask Crusader Hose.

    Heavy Duty Cable Attachment

    Heavy duty cable ties are an alternative to polyurethane straps. For warranty to be valid, it is essential only approved electrical cables are attached.
    Heavy duty cables must be doubled for each loop along the length of the flexible hose. To attach the ties, pull them up tightly to ensure the power cable cannot slide through. Extra power cable should be added to compensate for the flexibility in the hose.

    Why Choose Flexibore?

    Flexibore is suitable for a variety of ground water pumping applications and is simple to install and retrieve. The flexible riser is manufactured from high tenancy polyester and polyurethane to ease the difficulties of bore water retrieval.
    Crusader Hose is the exclusive manufacturer of the flexible pipe that offers:

    • Good Flow Rates
    • No Corrosion
    • No Clogging from Iron Bacteria
    • Simple installation and retrieval
    • Long Operational Life (up to 20 years)
    • 5 Year Pro-rata Warranty
    • Easy Handling, Storage & Transport
    • Continuous Length cut to your requirements
    For more information on the Flexibore flexible riser, call Crusader Hose on (03) 9720 1100 or submit an online enquiry form.

    To learn more about the advantages of Flexibore® click here or for more information on all our layflat flexible pipe and hose solutions, click here or contact Crusader Hose on