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The Perfect Bore Water Rising Main

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    Flexibore in Detail

    The Flexibore Hose (also referred to as flexible riser) is woven from high strength polyester and is encapsulated in a polyurethane outer layer. The combination of the inner polyester and outer polyurethane forms a strong flexible pipe from which submersible pumps can be suspended in boreholes.
    A strip along the length of Flexibore is used to anchor the power cable. At one metre intervals along the strip it is raised off the hose. The power cable is secured at these points.
    Crusader Hose designed and manufactured the flexible riser to replace metal rigid riser pipes which are subject to rust and encrustation. Flexibore is specially designed for bore water retrieval on farms and mines, mine de-watering, ground water projects and municipal water supply.

    Flexibore Specifications

    The Flexibore hose has a number of specifications designed for simplified bore water pumping. Our exclusive flexible riser is:

    • Lightweight- eg) 100m of 125mm diameter weighs only 220 kgs
    • Corrosion and internal scaling resistant to salt water and iron bacteria
    • Compatible with all types of submersible pumps
    • Customised to your requirements at continuous lengths
    • Long life operational for up to 20 years

    This flexible pipe will suit many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps. The size ranges from 40mm to 200mm internal diameter and depths up to 250 metres. Our specialised flexible riser will give you hose flexibility whilst sustaining the weight of a submersible pump.

    Flexibore Qualities

    Flexibore has a number of advantages over traditional rigid riser pipes. This flexible riser is attached to the pump with parented couplings and lowered into the bore using a rolling wheel or crane; ensuring simple installation and retrieval. The Flexibore hose has continuous length, making it easily transportable.
    Aside from ease of use, the flexible pipe has a number of product qualities including:

    • Tough polyurethane cover
    • Woven polyester fabric
    • Strip with loops every meter from which to secure to power cable
    • Impregnated polyurethane lining bonded to outer cover which eliminates separation
    • Specially engineered fittings
    • 5 year pro-rata warranty against faulty materials and workmanship
    • To learn how our flexible pipe can simplify your ground water pumping, call Crusader Hose on (03) 9720 1100 or submit an online enquiry form.

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